About Bloom In The Dark, Inc

Our Mission

To raise awareness about the damage caused by secret pain and abuse, and demonstrate the hope and healing found in Christ Jesus through ex-victim testimonies, connections, and tools.



Our Vision


A culture where people choose redemption and healing in Christ Jesus so they bloom despite darkness and pain.



Our Values


LOVE: Love God, Love yourself so you can Love your neighbor

HONESTY: Be honest with God, yourself and others especially when it hurts

FORGIVENESS: Forgive God, yourself and others quickly

ENCOURAGEMENT: Encourage yourself with God’s Word, your words, and other’s words through what you see, hear, and speak.


How The Books Are Developed…

Every contributor to the books’ production (from stories, to editing, and design) is, in fact, an ex-victim. In the course of the production of the first book, Paula Mosher Wallace created a publishing company to guarantee the flexibility to keep printing costs low.

Story Sources

Each book begins at the prompting of the Lord with the heart to meet a need for healing. Stories are collected from people from different states, ages, ethnic backgrounds, socio economic levels, and education levels. Often, God will miraculously orchestrate connections and opportunities with ex-victims who are ready to share their stories. Those stories are shared in writing, through interviews, or verbal processing with one of our writers.


Identifying factors are changed to protect everyone involved and to highlight the universality of the message. To ensure annonymity while, still honoring the authors, flowers and herb names are assigned to each story per The Old Farmers Almanac.

Accuracy & Validation

Each story then goes through a rigorous editing, vetting, and review process with a panel that includes counselors, pastors, lawyers and lay people from diverse backgrounds. This panel reviews the book to ensure the content is safe, theologically sound, and impactful.   Each ex-victim reviews their story to make sure it accurately reflects their experience, personality, and heart before approving the story to be shared with the world.


From beginning to end, the materials for the printed book are carefully chosen. The book’s interior format and fonts are carefully designed to be easy to read while staying in tune with the personality of the story.   Cover: The prayerfuly considered front-cover artwork is first painted by an ex-victim. The full cover design is then completed by another ex-victim. Size: The book’s measurements are 5″x8″ so it will be easy to hold, carry, and conceal.   Touch: The books’s cover has a satin matte finish that is silky to the touch.   Paper: Off-white to be visually gentle to the eye as compared to the harsh black & white contrast.

Do You Have a Story?

We are always wanting to hear how God has worked at healing your heart. If you are an ex-victim claiming freedom from your past, please submit your story to be used by Bloom In The Dark in a blog, book, or email publication.

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