Bloom Board Members

Our highly qualified and dedicated board members come from diverse backgrounds across the U.S. They believe in serving hurting people to the best of their ability.

Paula Mosher Wallace

President & Chairman of the Board

Franklin, TN

Ginny Priz

Vice President & Vice Chairman of the Board

Nashville, TN

Darla Beale

Corporate Secretary & Board Secretary

Franklin, TN

Shannon Emley

CFO & Board Treasurer

Nashville, TN

Lou Britt

Director of Bloom Ambassadors

Nashville, TN

Kylie Snow

Director of Research & Development

Beaufort, SC

Jennifer Haskins

Legal Advisor to the Board

Macon, GA

Darrell Darnauer

Director of Prayer

Franklin, TN

Carmen Ruiz-Ore

Board Member

Orlando, FL

Dale Dudley

Board Member

Spring Hill, TN

Sue Turner-McGray

Board Member

Old Hickory, TN

Patricia Douglas

Board Member

Brentwood, TN

Lindsey Hartz

Board Member

Thompson Station, TN