Bloom Today Workbook

At Bloom In The Dark, we strongly believe that everyone can heal from brokenness.

Our mission is to raise awareness for anyone coming out of brokenness or abuse that there is hope and they are not alone. We do this by story telling and sharing God’s truth in every medium possible – including in each episode of Bloom Today.

Our coaching tools take it one step further to help participants understand how they can apply hope and truth to their life and situation.

In this coaching program, we discuss those taboo subjects most churches shy away from and share testimonies filled with hope. We talk abot our pain and healing to help you understand how to use the fertilizer of your past to Bloom Today!

Who Will Benefit From This Program?

  • Pastors
  • Small Groups
  • Support Groups
  • Counseling Clients
  • Hurting Individuals

How It Works

You’ll watch a 28 minute video discussing each topic. Afterward, review the coaching tool. This is where the healing goes from theory into practical application.

Every tool goes further into depth on each video’s Biblical truths, asks questions to help you apply the teaching to your journey, and includes exercises to get you moving forward.

Each video and coaching tool can be use individually, or in conjunction with each other as a part of a larger program. This flexibility means you can use the tools to support your current training program or healing journey. However it is used, the power of God’s love story will bring new awareness, hope, and healing so that you can use the fertilizer of your past to Bloom Today.

Sample Topics

Hope in a Broken World
Who is a Victim?
Body Image
Abuse in Marriage
Reclaiming Lost Dreams
Forgiving Yourself
Obedience That Hurts
Never Too Broken

Sample Episodes

When the Nightmare is Pending

Ginny & Paula discuss what to do when God doesn't answer immediately. Angel Faulk shares about the challenges of her mother's pending murder investigation.

When Your Identity Gets Damanged

Ginny & Paula discuss the damage or value of what you call yourself. Jan Turner shares her story of being called "shame" to God calling her "beautiful."

I'm Married, so it Can't be Abuse, Right?

Ginny & Paula discuss how God created marriage to represent His loving heart for the church rather than becoming an idol. Nicole C. Mullen shares hope after an abusive marriage.

It's Never Too Late to Find God

Ginny & Paula discuss finding God despite decades of severe damage. Author, Lisa Hensley, tells her story of healing from abuse, addiction, and prositituion.