Ditch the Drama Bible Study

Drama creates chaos and leaves us feeling trapped in unhealthy relationships. But it doesn’t have to rule our lives and keep us stuck.

In this video Bible study, author and TV personality Ginny Priz reveals how a relationship with God can help you navigate painful emotions. Learn to experience joy and freedom no matter what kind of drama you face.

Using the Biblical principles in the Serenity Prayer, you’ll learn the tools you need to create and maintain healthy relationships.

Who Will Benefit From This Program?

  • Pastors
  • Small Groups
  • Support Groups
  • Counseling Clients
  • Hurting Individuals

What You'll Need

There are three elements to this study: videos, book, and workbook. Download the app to watch the videos in the Bloom-U section for free! You can also download the book and study guide here or purchase a hard copy.

The Videos

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The Study Guide

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What's Inside

9 Sessions
1. Getting Started
2. Deconstructing Drama
3. God, Grant Me the Serenity
4. To Accept
5. The Things I Cannot Change, The Courage
6. To Change
7. The Things I Can
8. Wisdom to Know the Difference

Codependency and Narcissism

Leader Guide Notes included for every session!

What To Expect

Anyone can walk through this course on their own, one-on-one with a professional, or with a group. Start the study when you’re ready. Go at the pace that’s best for you.

You’ll have 24/7 access to the videos and materials online for your convenience on the Bloom In The Dark mobile app.

Weekly Lessons

Each week you’ll watch a 15-30 minute video with Ginny, then you'll read insights in the study guide with your group.

1. Inside Ditch the Drama: 20 minute reading (occasional exercises)
2. Study Guide: answer questions that will empower you to apply the concepts you learn each week. 20 minutes

Meet the Author & Developer

Certified Professional Life Coach
Being born with her right arm stopping just below the elbow taught Ginny to trust God’s plan. But her recovery journey from codependency, alcohol, and panic attacks taught her to trust God with the deep, broken parts of her heart – one moment at a time. To help other women find this freedom, Ginny became a certified Christian life coach, speaker, and author of Ditch The Drama. She also anchors Bloom Today, a Christian talk show broadcast in over 200 countries.

ginny@bloominthedark.com | ginnypriz.com

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