Taking The Next Step On Your Ex-Victim Journey

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How it all began

The Journey To Becoming An Ex-Victim

We firmly believe the healing journey from brokeness and abuse to healthly and whole living is only possible by the grace and mercy of the Lord.

We have seen God work time and time again to provide the tools and support system each of us needs personally, as we listen intently and follow His promptings.

Even so, we can only receive a certain degree of healing by learning and processing and divine revelation.  At some point, we must participate in our own healing.

This active healing process starts with forgiveness and taking ownership of our mistakes on a daily basis. It continues when we can face our triggers, grow through painful experiences, and learn to create healthy boundaries and relationships.

Every woman’s healing journey is different. But you can rest assured God meets every woman where she is every day. He provides the resources we need (i.e. support systems and tools and programs) at every step if we keep our eyes open and our spirits wiling.

30 True Stories of Hope & Healing

“Just reading a couple of the stories made me realize that I was a victim, too. I’ve pushed it down and refused to think about it my whole life. Now, I realize that I’d like to change that and become an Ex-Victim, too.” V.Q.

“I am proud of you, Paula Mosher Wallace! Your writing is going to help so many and with God’s help…they will hurt no more. I’m proud to say I’m an Ex-Victim, too and my hope it for many more to find that joy.” K. G.

“This is a must read book. I have read it several times already. Every time I read it, I take away a different understanding. God has blessed me with reading it and He will bless you.” A. S.

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Sharing your story is an important part of healing

Eventually, we become strong enough to look honestly at our broken pasts and share our healing journey in the form of a written story. It is only when we are comfortable remembering and sharing our full journey from brokenness to healing that we have truly healed from and accepted our past wounds. That is when God can truly start to use our journey for His glory.

Once this healing has taken place, we are able to claim our status as an “Ex-Victim.”

Sharing our stories helps us to…

  • Find new purpose
  • Put our story into perspective
  • Understand God’s hand in our life
  • Experience the peace of accepting the past

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