Readers React to Bloom In The Dark

“No other book I have ever read has impacted me with emotion more strongly or frequently than Bloom in the Dark. Knowing that each story and poem is a real woman’s heart on the line multiplies the impact. My hat is off to Paula Mosher Wallace for having the courage and commitment to see this book to print. I’ve already had to re-order more books since the first three I got have already been given away! The message of hope that each story and poem ends with is worth sharing!”
– L. G.

“This book is a powerful resource for any woman or person who has experienced abuse on a physical or emotional level and is in need of the hope this book offers in transitioning from “victim” to “ex-victim” as the author states. Even those of us who have never been a “victim” will benefit from reading the stories of these very brave women.”
– D. C.

“I started reading the book on my Kindle last night, and I could NOT put it down.  Gripping and encouraging.  Thanks for your faithfulness in following God’s leading to write/print that book.  You are amazing!”  M.B.

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“Just finished your book. I read every single word and some of the stories several times. I gave it to two friends yesterday….. As I read about God’s intervention into troubled lives, I realized more than ever how He stepped in and helped me out of the pain of [my husband’s] alcoholism. I now have a serenity which I never thought was possible.” L.M.


“Just reading a couple of the stories made me realize that I was a victim, too. I’ve pushed it down and refused to think about it my whole life. Now, I realize that I’d like to change that and become an Ex-Victim, too.” V.Q.


“That book draws you in and makes you feel what each woman is feeling. I know the book is good when I become the character I am reading. What you did is what every author wants to be able to do, to make the reader smell, feel, and breathe the words they are writing….” S. C.


“I am proud of you, Paula Mosher Wallace! Your writing is going to help so many and with God’s help…they will hurt no more. I’m proud to say I’m an Ex-Victim, too and my hope it for many more to find that joy.” K. G.


“These stories are very moving and heartbreaking. They also offer the reader hope and inspiration. After finishing this book, I reflected on events in my life which were influenced by the grace of God. This collection of stories will make you think of people who need help and I hope you will share this book with them. It is beautifully written from the heart.” L. M.


“This is a must read book. I have read it several times already. Every time I read it, I take away a different understanding. God has blessed me with reading it and He will bless you.” A. S.


“This book is a “must” read by any woman that has ever been hurt and is determined to gain strength. Even though this book will make you cry, it will also give you strength and understanding!” Dr. M. T. J.


“This book is for every woman; those who have experienced hope & restoration in God’s transforming love; those who wonder how God could love and forgive someone who has gone so astray; and those who need to hear the messages from those who know first-hand there is no pit so deep that Jesus cannot reach and heal any shame and brokenness.” M.H. on Amazon


Bloom in the Dark: True Stories of Hope and Redemption is a collection of stories, poems, and letters written by survivors of abuse—physical, sexual, and emotional. These are real experiences lived by real women and young girls who were courageous in sharing their personal heartbreaks. Those who contributed include women of different colors, different backgrounds, different economic levels, and different places across the country. Abuse knows no boundaries.

It might be difficult for some people to read these honest—and sometimes brutal—accounts. But the book’s purpose isn’t to provide explicit details for shock value. The real message that comes across loud and clear is that there is hope for healing. There can be freedom from letting those horrific experiences rule the rest of a person’s life.

Although I’ve never personally experienced abuse, I’ve served as an advocate and support counselor for those who have suffered through that kind of treatment. I’ve seen first-hand how abuse can affect someone—and how isolated it can make a woman feel. Reading about these women’s lives can help a victim realize that she’s not alone—and she doesn’t need to continue walking in pain. There are people who want to help, and there are resources available that will assist in the process of moving from victim to survivor. Foremost, God has not abandoned the abused. He is always there to love and heal the broken.

Highly recommended for victims of abuse—and friends and family members of those who have experienced this kind of trauma.”

– D.K. on Amazon

“This book is incredibly raw and real yet filled with hope. If you are looking for REAL messy stories of redemption – this is the book you want to read. We long to know we are not alone in our suffering and this book will not only show you that you’re not alone but it will leave you with hope knowing that Jesus has fully paid the price and offers abundant life to us right here, right now.” – A.P. on Amazon

“One of the best books I have ever read… the way it is put together and the depth of the message in each story… amazing. Recommended for everyone, not just those women that have been broken, but also… their family, their friends, etc., etc… the insight is priceless. Thank you Paula!” – Amazon Customer

“Bloom in the Dark is an outstretched hand to the homeless at heart, a spark of promise and hope in the dank, dark tunnels of life. It’s open and gutsy. I applaud you, Paula, for reliving the hurt, for bleeding publicly, for willing your shaky knees to stand up and say, ‘I am no longer a victim’; thus inspiring other women to have the courage to do so, too. In revealing your open sores, yet using the healing ointments on other’s wounds, God has healed you. Every hurting woman should have this book.” D. L.

“Starting to read the book was the hardest part. Knowing that it is all non-fiction makes it even harder. However, once you are past the initial shock, the stories of these women are a very bright light of hope at the end of the tunnel….I recommend this book to any person looking for hope despite their difficulties.” C. M.

“These amazing women enter in as victims, but leave as victors– redeemed, restored and whole. The emotional spectrum as I read ranged from sorrow and heartbreak for the storyteller, and absolute abhorrence and anger towards the aggressors and abusers. The end of each story left my heart soaring…” K. G.