“Someone, somewhere, is depending on you to do what God has called you to do.” Toby Mac

I sat in church. Crying. Again. I felt so isolated. I didn’t know anyone who’d ever gone through what I was dealing with at home.

I knew God loved me. I talked to Him all the time. But I had no confidence in my ability to survive the latest nightmare.

So I asked God to send me someone to pray with me. Someone who would actually understand what I was going through. Someone who could pray with understanding.

A few weeks later, I felt prompted to talk to a woman in my Bible study group. She seemed like such a spiritual warrior. I was petrified, but talked to her anyway.

When she heard my story, she started to laugh.

“Paula, God knew what He was doing when He prompted you to talk to me. You see, I have a very similar story. Let me tell you what I went through thirty years ago….”

For the first time, I actually felt hope. Hope that I would make it through this impossible mess. Hope that God cared about this situation. Hope that I wasn’t alone.

This situation is what inspired me to write Bloom in the Dark: True Stories of Hope and Redemption. I knew, first hand, the power of testimony.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” Revelations 12:11

Her story gave me hope for my story. I felt less alone. Less isolated. If she could rise above the fertilizer in her past, then maybe I could, too. If she could bloom into the beautiful woman of faith I knew, maybe I could actually heal. Now, I “use the fertilizer of my past to Bloom Today.”

Your testimony of healing from the most broken and painful past can give hope where none of the preaching over the pulpit will. Our testimonies can change the world. Own your story so you can share it with the world to give others hope.

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