Ginny Priz and Paula Mosher Wallace made waves on Christian television in over 200 countries with their show Bloom Today by bringing hope through raw and real stories of healing from brokenness and abuse.

They received so many requests from viewers to explain how the process of transformation works, they decided to enlist the help of Licensed Professional Counselor, Evonna Surrette, to explain the process step-by-step in Recovery Strategies 4 Life.

Armed with one prosthetic and 45 Biblical strategies, these ladies empower their audience to receive healing through the Lord’s love by sharing their own personal experience of healing after abusers, addiction, PTSD, and many more taboo topics.
Unlike traditional recovery programs that only address the soul and body, RS4L combines healing strategies for all three parts of our being: spirit, soul, and body.

It is specifically developed for individuals who are looking to get to the root of their pain. Whether coming out of abuse, addiction, or a painful loss, RS4L promises a journey that will completely transform how you see healing and recovery.

Life is never the same when you know how to use the fertilizer of your past to bloom!

Professional therapists, lay counselors, and pastors, will also find this a perfect tool to enhance the healing journey of anyone they counsel.