Recovery Strategies 4 Life (RS4L) talk show was specifically developed by a Christian ministry leader, counselor, and coach to guide hurting individuals through their healing journey from shame-based events and conditions. Based on Biblical truth, RS4L combines healing strategies for all three parts of our being: spirit, soul, and body.

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Meet The Hosts

Paula Mosher Wallace
Ordained Minister
Born in the jungles of Peru to missionary parents, Paula began life saturated in the Word of God. With Bible classes as part of every school year plus 4 years of Bible college, Paula’s knowledge of the Truth grew. An Ex-Victim of abuse, Paula became the author and founder of Bloom In The Dark. She also produces and co-hosts Bloom Today, an international TV show discussing abuse. In RS4L, Paula teaches Biblical recovery, highlighting God’s heart for healing the broken.
Ginny Priz
Certified Professional Life Coach
Being born with her right arm stopping just below the elbow taught Ginny to trust God’s plan. But her recovery journey from codependency, alcohol, and panic attacks taught her to trust God with the deep, broken parts of her heart – one moment at a time. To help other women find this freedom, Ginny became a certified Christian life coach, speaker, and author of Ditch The Drama. She also anchors Bloom Today, a Christian talk show broadcast in over 200 countries.
Evonna Surette, MA, LPC
Trauma & Attachment Therapist
Evonna’s life passion is to provide hope and healing to those who suffer from trauma, attachment, eating, and mood disorders. As an Ex-Victim of trauma and eating disorders, Evonna has extensive professional experience in working with trauma, attachment, and a wide range of mental health issues. Evonna has over a decade in ministry and leadership. Evonna takes a holistic approach (spirit, soul, & body) as she believes in removing the roots, not just treating the symptoms.

Sample Episodes

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