Coincidence or Divine Intervention

Aug 27, 2015 |Have you ever wondered why some people seem so sure of God’s intervention in their lives? They believe that everything is God blessing or helping them. The open parking space, the surprise discount, the green lights, the job promotion, the accident that didn’t happen, the disease that disappeared, the sun that starts shining……to them, nothing just happens!

My life is like that. You may think I’m crazy. I’ve had a lot of really bad things happen to me, but my focus is on the blessings that completely surround me. I really believe that God intervenes in my life in extraordinary ways.
Maybe, that’s because I ask Him to bless me. I ask for the parking space. I ask for the discounts. I ask Him for the “go” lights instead of stop lights. I ask Him to be my provider. I ask Him to be my protector. I ask Him to be my healer. I ask Him to give me life and hope.

Then, I thank Him.

Oh yeah, the bad stuff. What do I do with that? I thank Him for giving me patience, growing my character, giving me peace in the middle of chaos, giving me hope in the setbacks and discouragement, giving me strength when I’m too weak to make it, giving me wisdom when I’m not smart enough to have a clue, giving me courage when I just want to run away.

I’m not a saint or more special than anyone else. I just have a Father Who created me, loves me enough to die for me, has an amazing plan for me (despite the bad stuff), is with me always, would never leave me nor forsake me. Kind of like a loving daddy who is perfect and has the coolest super powers!

Father God knows what I need–when what I want could do me harm. He knows what my future holds when I’m panicking about my past. He knows where I’m blind, deaf and dumb–where I just don’t get it. He smiles at my foolishness and then does the loving thing for me.

Sometimes, that means I have to face the consequences of my choices. Sometimes, God just shuts the doors to keep me safe. Sometimes, He blesses me beyond my wildest dreams because I trusted Him to choose for me. Sometimes, He gives me peace to rest in the middle of the hurricane. Sometimes, He just asks me to trust Him–even when I won’t understand.

Maybe I see God’s hand everywhere in my life because I’m just one “of the masses” that needs the “opiate.” Regardless, I would never have survived my life without His divine intervention, and I certainly wouldn’t have the amazing life I live filled with love, joy and peace.

I wouldn’t trade my childlike view of a Loving Heavenly Father who takes amazing care of me, for all the money or fame in the world. As Paul (my namesake) said, “I have found, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” Even on days like today–when the headache and cramps keep distracting me, my amazing sons are fussing and whining, my internet keeps messing up, and I’m way behind on my responsibilities.

You see, the coffee tasted amazing, the weather is gorgeous, the new friend gave us treats and magnets of castles from Romania, my eyes have stopped being irritated and watering, and I have a whole day to get things done!

Have a blessed day:-) Paula Mosher Wallace

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