Excited About Life

Jul 23, 2015 | Right now, I’m just excited about my life! To give you some perspective–I have no job and even child support didn’t show up this month; my boys are two months behind on finishing homeschool for the year; I just got soaked in the rain as I brought in the groceries; and my headache won’t seem to go away!

Why on earth be excited, right? Well, I’m following my dream of helping hurting women. My book, Bloom In the Dark is officially in print and on Kindle!!! Giving away a book for every book that sells means no profit for the first six thousand books sold ($89,700). These facts won’t stop me from appreciating the 6 books that have been pre-ordered on Kindle. Or celebrating the 13 paperbacks that people have already paid for. Each baby step means I’m following my dream and women will be helped.

I’m also excited that my two older boys both made 100% on their final science tests of the year and 96.5% and 97% on their spelling/vocabulary final tests!!! We have been working hard while others are taking the summer off. That’s what we get for taking time off to move twice, attend 3 summer camps, and travel before our school year was finished. Only one more day of tests and we’ll officially be on summer break–YAY!

Opportunities and open doors always give me hope for the future. When those doors open despite the big padlocks on them, I want to dance in the rain instead of carrying the groceries into the house! Today, two of those doors opened. When other doors are closed, I know it’s for my good. I can relax in the absolute certainty that my God has an amazing plan for my life.

When friends reach out to encourage and support me even though they should be telling me I’m crazy, I get emotional. Soon, the kids aren’t going to recognize me without tears pouring down my face…..happy tears–most of the time. The sad tears are from empathizing with the other Ex-Victims as I write their stories. Did you know that the good keyboards work even when they’re covered in tears?

Today, I am blessed! I am full of peace and joy! Not because circumstances are perfect, but because I have so much more to be thankful for than to be complaining about: an apartment, a vehicle, food, furniture, healthy children, purpose, a computer, and you reading this blog Be blessed today, too!

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