Why Write Bloom In The Dark?

Jul 22, 2015 | I’ve been asked how this book, Bloom In the Dark, came to be. It’s been a lifetime process of darkness and pain followed by hope and healing. It’s funny how you take the light for granted until it’s gone. When it’s gone, you feel absolutely isolated and alone in your personal darkness. You feel like you’re the only one in the world experiencing the pain. At least that’s how I felt.

In the “Dear Reader” chapter of Bloom In the Dark, I tell about some of my healing journey. As I began to heal, I wanted to reach out to others experiencing personal darkness. The problem was that I had no idea who they were. I could be sitting next to her in church. Others sat next to me and had no clue what I was going through. So how to reach someone like me, still in that dark place?

I realized that I read books while I was hiding my hurt. If I had had a book that told me I wasn’t alone, I might have had more hope. I could read a book without admitting anything to anyone. What if that book gave me the hope I needed to get help? What if it helped me not to feel so hopeless and alone?

The book definitely couldn’t be theory or fairy tales. To actually give me hope, it would have to be real women sharing real stories of healing and redemption. But these dark holes are the ones that we never talk about. The shameful, embarrassing secrets. How do we tell those stories? That would be like being naked for the whole world to see. Showing your worst to everyone……the intro to the book is “Naked on Stage” which describes this feeling.

I started thinking about diving back into the darkness to describe it honestly. To join others in their darkness to share their testimonies. I told God, I definitely wasn’t strong enough to do this. He just reminded me that in my weakness, He’s made strong. Well, I am definitely weak enough for Him to be REALLY strong!!!

Even after I knew I had to do this, I spent a year arguing with God about why I couldn’t write this book. I was a single mom with a full time job. I was also homeschooling 3 boys. I obviously didn’t have the time.

God, I don’t know enough women with these testimonies. Who would really want to read this? I haven’t written creatively since college–other than marketing and promotional materials. I don’t know any publishers……..and every other excuse I could think of.

God didn’t argue, He just moved us away from all my busyness and then took away my job. I started asking Him why. God, why do you have me isolated? It’s beautiful here, and I know You wanted us here, but why? Is there something You really want me to do that I couldn’t do before? I have forty hours a week that were set aside for a job……and now I can’t seem to find a job….

Remember your testimony? Remember the book that would give hope to women who are hurting? Why can’t you write that now? He impressed on my spirit.

But how would I support us? Once again, He reminded me of His provision. He had always provided for us. Besides, I had some savings to tide us over. I could live on that for a while if I wrote really fast. It became increasingly clear that He would not open the next door for us until I obeyed Him about writing this book.

Over the last four months, God has been faithful to inspire, provide, and protect us. He has orchestrated so many miracles and “coincidences” to make this book happen. Even though I’ve cried more during this time than ever before, I’ve been more at peace and more full of joy as well. I wouldn’t trade this journey for all the treasure in the world.

All the women who have anonymously helped with this project have been blessed, healed and restored to new levels during this time. We’ve all gotten to experience the joy of testifying to God’s grace in helping each of us Bloom In the Dark. If you are hurting or have been hurt, we just want you to know that you’re not alone. There is hope and healing available through a relationship with Jesus Christ. And we’re praying for each of you who read our testimonies.

Looking forward to hearing back from you after you read Bloom In the Dark. Please share this blog and the link to www.bloominthedark.com. Thanks.

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