Journey to Heal with Crystal Southerland

May 9, 2016 |Crystal Sutherland is an Ex-Victim who has created a tool to help others dealing with the type of sexual abuse she experienced as a child. While most victims of childhood sexual abuse never deal with the damage, Crystal chose to reach out to God for healing. In her book, Journey to Heal, Crystal shares seven steps on that journey.

You may be ready to consider facing your past, or you may be on the healed end of the spectrum. Either way, Journey to Heal can clarify the process and strengthen you for your journey.
Each of our stories of abuse is different, so each journey to healing will be different. You may need professional counseling or intervention, like I did. You may need a combination of ministries and 12 step programs. You may need self-help books and friends. The more severe your story, the more likely you are to need a more intense level of intervention. There is no shame or guilt in recognizing that your healing journey is unique to you.

Crystal and I want you to feel hope for your future. Whatever stage you are facing in your healing journey, don’t give up. Ask for prayer, help, and support. Don’t minimize the importance of facing your past and walking forward into a healthier future.

Crystal also expresses hope and healing through art. I am obviously drawn to this particular painting because it shares our heart to help others BLOOM–no matter what! To purchase this painting, click here.
Bloom In The Dark, Inc. wants to partner with others sharing hope and healing. We hope Crystal’s book, Journey to Heal, can help you move forward in your healing journey.

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