I'm A Single, Homeschooling Mom and I'm not Crazy

Jul 18, 2015 | I just got home from meeting three other single moms who also homeschool their kids. Each of us felt alone and isolated. The homeschool and church groups we’ve attended have moms who stay home to teach their kids, but they all have husbands. They have the support of a breadwinner and a second parent. They usually do not have the betrayal, loss and pain at the same levels as we do, either.

Yes, we’re the exception to the rule. We have to earn the money, carry all the responsibility, run a household and be a full time teacher as well. Most single parents don’t homeschool because they feel overloaded just taking care of everything else. It’s challenging enough, without feeling like you are the only person in the world living this way.

We had found each other on Facebook and decided to meet. It was incredible how much help a couple of hours could be. We talked and laughed. We didn’t have to explain how it felt because we all knew. We had so many things in common: betrayal, loss, pain, resiliency, strong work ethic, adventurous spirit.

We all live in our “big girl panties.” We don’t understand quitting or giving up. We’ve heard about it, and even wanted to, but kept going anyway. We trust in God because we know we can’t trust in anyone else. We are a rare breed. We are unique, but thankfully, no longer alone.

I left feeling empowered. With God’s help, I really can do this. Each of us is already doing this. We can encourage each other, as only someone who’s been there, can. We will include our kids in our get-togethers because we all know how much a babysitter costs. Besides, we’d rather give our kids the chance to make new friends, too.

We’re used to multitasking and making every minute count. We can sit and relax in the middle of the chaos because we’re not having to explain ourselves and justify our choices. In this group, I’m normal and my choices make sense–what a relief! Share this story with others who feel like they’re the only ones in the world with their unique situation. Also, tell me about how you’ve chosen to be unique.

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